Monday, 23 May 2016

A Legend is Born by T.L. Phillips

From orphan at fourteen to immortal royalty at nineteen, 
how the heck did that happen?

Title: A Legend is Born
Author: T.L. Phillips
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Nineteen-year-old Lissa witnessed the brutal murder of her parents by blood-thirsty vampires at the tender age of fourteen. She would have suffered the same unpleasant fate had tall, dark, and mysterious stranger Max not intervened. Every night since Lissa, along with an elite group of fighters, trains and patrols the mostly abandoned streets around the city of Buffalo, NY. They quietly thwart the dastardly plans of rogue vampires and cursed shifters in an attempt to protect mankind.

Having been told that all shifters are evil, Lissa is taken by surprise when she learns that there are good ones in the world - the Guardians. And she's bonded with one of them, an ultra-rare occurrence amongst Guardians in recent years and unheard of between a Guardian and a mortal. When a typically fatal injury threatens to end her, her bond-mate throws caution to the wind and uses his own blood to save her. The consequences could be disastrous when Lissa wakes up to find she is no longer human, and not only a shifter herself but the shifter queen.


My arm fell to my side as I knelt beside the cowering vampire, keeping the stake ready to strike. “Spill it, bloodsucker.”

He whimpered at the derogatory name, and I stifled a satisfied laugh. “There's going to be trouble in the city. I've heard whispers in the night that there is a plan to take over the city.”

I grabbed him by the collar and sprung to my feet, dragging him up with me. “When?”

Relief flooded his face. “I don't know.”

I pressed the tip of the stake against his chest just above his heart to encourage him. “Don't make me ask you again. When?”

His breath caught in his throat. “I swear, that's all I know! Please don't kill me!”

“You broke our deal, Pedro. Surely even when you were a newborn you were smart enough to know that giving me such vague information couldn't save you after this. Perhaps I should take you to the alliance and let them deal with you.”

Another visible shudder rolled through him, fear radiating from his body like fumes from a sewage plant. My mention of the alliance had the desired effect on him. They didn't care what your reason was, they executed first and asked questions later. If it ever came up again.

I'd been so wrapped up with Pedro, I'd forgotten Morgan was even there until his voice rumbled his displeasure. “We should just stake him and be done. We don't need him.”

His eyes went wide and a fresh stream of bloody tears poured from his eyes. “But, she was willing!”

My eyebrows raised. “She didn't sound too willing to me.”

He closed his eyes and waited for the hot, searing surge of pain that I've been told comes with being staked in the heart. When I didn't strike right away, he took it as a signal to explain. “I met her in the park. We talked for hours, we seemed to have a lot in common. She mentioned she was getting hungry and offered to treat me to dinner.”

Suspicion pricked the back of my mind as the words poured out of his mouth. “Did you tell her what you are?”

A smile lifted the corners of his mouth. “Yes!”

I shot a glance at the lifeless body in the corner. “And she still offered to feed you?”

His smile broadened. “Yes!”

He followed my gaze to the woman. “I think she was into it. You know there's a large group of fangers in this city.”

I cringed at the term used for humans that enjoy being bitten. I was bitten the night my parents died and still didn't see the fascination in it. “And how do you explain the scream?”

His eyes searched the darkened alley before settling back on his feet. “I guess she wasn't as ready as she thought she was.”

The Author:

T.L. Phillips is a 30-something stay-at-home caretaker that loves to curl up with her cat and a great book. As a writer, she strives to tell compelling stories that readers will enjoy curling up with. When she’s not occupied with the myriad of tasks above, she’s an avid gamer with a love for all things crafty from crocheting to wood-burning and all things in between.